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My name is Stefania Cardinale, and I write this blog.RoundmeLisbon

I live temporarily between London and Milan, in Milan but I grew up in Monte San Biagio (LT), went to college in Rome, and lived abroad for some years. I decided to create this little space not because I am an amazing writer (which I am not) but to document my adventures in the kitchen and every day life

I started RavanelloRosaPallido blog in late 2011, when back in Italy after 4 months fieldwork in India [for a PhD research] and after 3 months in Haiti for a consultancy work on post-earthquake relief project (2010), I was in urgent need for something creative, relaxing and beautiful.

At that time, I had decided to take a break from international cooperation activities and humanitarian work which brings you to travel often from country to country and work under pressure, And I wanted to settle somewhere.
I thought that for the peace of my mind it might be great to write for a magazine someday, but I had no idea how to start. For sure having a blog would force me to sit down and write more often, especially when it didn’t feel like doing it. And I knew that it had to involve food, culture, travel and photography too.

My work has always been about developmental projects, NGOs and non-profit sector, in India and African countries. Today, I am much more focused on researching intangible cultural heritage projects, cultural resilience and development projects (2016) and in communicating social and development projects (2022).

I do consultancies as applied anthropologist, in project design and management of non profit and cultural projects and in their communication and dissemination.

In 2013, I managed to co-found www.lenius.it – which is today a blog and a cultural association for the promotion of digital education and communication – and therefore after almost 10 years in the field of communication I have also managed to grow more my competencies in blogging, social media and communication on the web.

If you follow me Instagram you probably know that I am more of the visual person that likes to tell a story through pictures, graphics and colours;

this is who I am and how I feel about this space, which by the way it is written in Italian.

Last year (2021) I had my daughter – Leila – and another wonderful journey of my life has started with her and her father.

I thank you to visit my blog and I wish you the strength to accept being where you are in the moment, set up intentions and trust yourself with patience to be guided where you need to be.

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